Colorbond Garage Door

Roller Doors Are One of The Most Frequently Used Items In Your Home.

Colorbond garage door has been leading in the Australian garage door industry for the past 19 years for a good reason. First, our exclusive wide ranges of garage doors are more reliable, quieter and tougher. They are also easy to use, durable and beautiful. Meaning, you can rely on our colobond garage door for many years, and you’ll love using them.

Your garage door is the first most visible feature in your home. Whether you want to coordinate the color with the rest of your home’s color scheme, we have a variety of colors to help you match your preference.

Tested for Australian

Buildings in Australia face challenging weather conditions, including extreme cold, heat, hail, rain, and dust. Our doors are made using BlueScope™’s XGD Colorbond™ steel and manufactured from Genuine BlueScope™ steel. BlueScope™’s XGD Colorbond™ steel undertakes application testing, durability testing, outdoor exposure testing, and corrosion testing to ensure they are fit for use in a wide range of buildings. All the accelerated laboratory testing ensures the garage doors will withstand harsh Australian weather. The assessment program they undertake is designed to assess construction equipment in actual Australian condition. This includes varying product types, profiles, pitches, and the enclosure of grimy zones. BlueScope’s assessment gives a genuine overview of how colorbond steel will perform in your resident. It exceeds Australian testing standards, and that’s why we depend on it to ensure we give you quality products.

Georgian Garage Doors

Georgian garage doors have a raised pattern design and optional window designs made from heavy-duty premium coated gauge steel to provide a distinguished stylish look for your home entry point. They add a glamorous touch to your home without compromising on security. You can customize your Georgian garage door by including a color and widow design of your choice


Regency Garage Doors

Our regency garage doors are made using BlueScope™’s XGD Colorbond™ steel, making them stronger and durable. They feature square elevated steel panels design and can complement any federation-style or modern-day home. You can customize your regency garage door to include the color and window design of your choice.


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Roller Doors

Our colorbond roller garage doors are made with topmost BlueScope™’s XGD Colorbond™ steel creating roller garage doors that are more reliable, durable, and noiseless. They feature an innovative Finger-Sage design that suits modern-day architecture and blends in to complement a façade of your home.


Cosmopolitan Garage Doors

Our colobond cosmopolitan garage doors are made of formulated G2NS Colorbond™ steel. They are defined by their intricate timber-like grooves and extensive steel paneling that creates a timeless and contemporary minimalistic appearance. Their striking yet subtle design complements the layouts of any modern home by offering flawless linking between your home façade and garage.


Settler Garage Doors

Settler garage doors are made of BlueScope™’s specially formulated G2NS Colorbond™ steel. Their unique V-groove design makes them wider than usual normal panels. With settler garage doors, your home will achieve a classy appearance to suit any modern-day home. Their rich features allow them to stand out on any modern design due to their high-quality finishes.
house garage roller door


Mediterranean Garage Doors

Colorbond Mediterranean garage doors are made of Genuine BlueScope™ steel. They are available in plentiful styles to match the modern architecture and provide a stylish and sleek alternative to your home. Mediterranean colorbond garage door exhibits a distinguished appearance through slim paneling and clean lines. They complement your home façade with their tapered board V-groove design