Garage Door Repair Cost Estimates

Eventually, every garage door will need some repairs at some point. Once your garage door starts acting up, the first thing that comes to your mind is, “how much does it cost to fix a garage door?” Garage doors feature many parts, from remotes to keypads, sensors to springs, and so much more; therefore, ins and outs of how much it is to fix a door can be pretty mysterious. Besides, garage repair costs depend on various things, including; the type and size of your garage door, the involved parts, how much your service company charges, the extent of repair, etc. 

If you decide on going the DIY route, it might appear practical at first since you will avoid service charges. Nevertheless, you will still pay for replacement parts and the tools if you don’t have them. Besides, without experience, you might injure yourself or cause some more damage. 

Let’s look at some of the typical garage door repair costs

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Common Garage Door Repair Type And Their Costs Estimates

The cost of repairing a door depends on the door size and type, where you live, and the kind of repair it needs. Nevertheless, the average repair service fee of a garage door professional is $85 per hour.


Garage Door Track Replacement Cost

On average, it costs $125 to $200 to replace the garage door track. If you want to know if your garage door has track problems, first, the wheels will run unevenly in the groove, causing the door to hang unevenly and fail to close or open properly. In case the door falls off the tracks, putting it back in place will cost you between $170 to $290 since it will need to be realigned. 


Garage Door Sensor Repair Cost

On average, replacing a door sensor costs $85 to $100. The sensor might reverse or stop when damaged or obstructed or if anything is in the way. When something obstructs the garage door, it becomes more irritating than a safety problem, and it calls for quick fixing. 


Garage Door Pulleys & Chain Repair Cost

Replacing pulleys of your garage door, a professional will charge $85 to$160 and $100 to $200 to replace broken cables or chains. If one side of your garage lifts more than the other, lifting unevenly or making noise, consider checking the chain and pulley for replacing or repairing. Pulley costs approximately $5 at your local store, and you can easily DIY. 


Garage Door Cable Repair Cost

Whining and screeching noise from your garage door indicates a need for repair. If there is a need for new cables, both professional labor and cables will cost you between $85 to $200. 

Proper garage door maintenance will help keep it working correctly. Ensure the tracks, springs, chains, and pulleys are constantly lubricated to prevent the opener from unnecessary straining. It’s advisable to craft a maintenance schedule for regular oiling and greasing. 


Garage Locks Replacement

How much to fix a door lock will depend on your location or the company that installed it. However, a locksmith coming to your house to replace your garage locks will charge around $95 to $325. If it’s only coming to fix a broken one, they charge about $50 to $75.


Garage Door Alignment Cost

For the garage door to open and close smoothly, it must align with the tracks. The straightening cost of a door falling out of position or coming off the tracks is about $150 to $300. 


Garage Door Frame Repair Cost

The frame offers extra insulation and sits outside to define the door. While the frames can be made from different materials, most of them are made of wood. The average cost to repair a door frame is between $100 to $400, the putrid or damaged frames can be patched and treated by repair work. 


Garage Door Bearing Replacement Cost

Bearings work with torsion springs of a garage door running along the shaft to support its weight. They wear down with time, and replacing them isn’t costly. However, it may take time to lift them in place when they wear down, and you may need new brackets. This will call for an extra cost. If you are wondering how much it costs to fix a garage door that needs bearing replacement, well, it’s about $85 and $250. 


Garage Door Strut Replacement Cost

Struts serve two purposes: to straighten and keep the hinges aligned and keep the door’s top section straight to close and open smoothly. Installing new struts is relatively easy and inexpensive; however, the materials are a bit expensive, as they must be made of stable and robust materials to keep the door standing. Replacing a door strut costs between $200 and $500. 


Garage Door Repair Cost According to the Type of Material 

 After looking at some of the common garage door repairs, we will look at another factor that might determine the repair cost – type of the garage door. The type of material the door is made of will also determine how much it cost to repair. Today’s common garage door materials include fiberglass, steel, wood, and aluminum. Some are more expensive than others, and each one has pros and cons. We have highlighted the garage door repair cost for each type. 


Fiberglass Garage Door Repair

Repairing a fiberglass door costs between $150 and $500. Compared to wood and steel, fiberglass is the cheapest material to repair since even extensive repair works such as panels’ replacements are very affordable. Besides, fiberglass bent garage door repair costs between $100 to $150. Note that fiberglass doors are resistant to cracks and rust. 

Steel Garage Door Repair

Repairing a broken steel garage door ranges between $200 to $700. Due to its strength, steel is an excellent option for making garage doors. Simple repairs cost much less, but if it’s panel replacements, the cost will be much higher. Their significant advantage is that they can be painted and are much more secure. Nevertheless, steel is prone to corrosion and dents. 


Wood Garage Door Repair

Wood is the most preferred choice since they are beautiful and elegant. They complement your home exterior with their sophisticated appearance. However, repairing a broken garage door is very expensive, ranging from $250 to $1000. If you go for a wooden garage door, know that it’s prone to warping, rotting, and ordinary wear. Most wooden door damages are hard to undo; for instance, once a particular section is damaged, you will have to remove and replace the entire segment, leading to an increased cost.


Aluminum Garage Door Repair

The standard cost of repairing an aluminum garage door is between $200 and $600. Aluminum doors are available in different styles and colors to match your home’s exterior paint, making them a popular option. It’s also one of the most economical materials to repair and replace. Nevertheless, aluminum doors dent easily and thus require extra care with maintenance. If you are wondering how much a bent garage door costs, the price ranges between $125 and $300.Other materials cost more as they might need an entire replacement to eliminate the dent.


Improvements and Enhancement Costs 

After exploring how much it is to fix a door according to material type, we now look at some costs for enhancing the garage door. 


Cost to Add Window to a Garage Door

Window panels are usually added to let light in, especially if your garage door is solid. The average cost is about $400 to $600. Though it can be costly, since you have to remove the panel and cut them to create a space for the windowpane, it’s an effective way of maximizing the light in your home. On average, people usually add 4-6 panels of glass but there can be fewer or more. The type of window glass and door Material influences the overall cost. Also, adding a specialty glass or a double-pace will as well hike the price. 


Cost To Finish Garage Door

Finishing the garage door comes in different forms. It could refer to giving the floor a modern floor instead of the ordinary plain concrete found in many garages. Also, it could refer to providing the ceiling and the wall space since many are left with incomplete fissure walls. Sometimes it could mean finishing the wall system to look the same with basements. The cost to finish the garage ranges between $500 and $2000. You may opt to finish it in sections at a time or the entire garage at once, leading to variation in costs. 


Cost To Paint a Garage Door

Your garage door may have accumulated rust over time. Now you might be wondering how to repair garage door rust and the cost involved. Repainting the door will give it a fresh look and a great appearance. You might also choose to repaint to match it with the exterior of your home. Note that it’s possible to repaint even the door made with wood and steel. 


Cost to Add Ductless Air Conditioner 

Most garages are not insulated. A garage requires a larger than standard AC unit, or you might need to run a normal one for an extended time to cool the garage fully. Installing a ductless air conditioner in your garage ranges from $700 to $3000. The cost will differ depending on the garage size and the type and size of the AC you will purchase.

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Garage door repair costs can seem like a daunting task, but by getting a few estimates and doing some research, you can make an informed decision about the best company to hire. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is happy to help!Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us! You can also visit our location.