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At Roller Door Repairs Perth, we offer you a reliable door maintenance service of residential garage doors.. We fix all your garage door problems, in the quickest time possible and at affordable prices.  As a result of our unwavering commitment to our clients we have the capacity to repair problems of various nature relating to roller doors, panel doors, sectional doors and electrical garage doors. 

Although some of the problems look the same, they require different technical expertise. Let’s focus on just a few of these problems.

Repairing a roller door

Residential Garage Roller Doors

Residential garage doors require regular maintenance service for smooth operation. They need an overall system check-up for at least once within 12 months. The commonest problem you face with these doors include:

Sectional Doors

These are the residential garage doors which many people use because of their simplicity. However, they have many moving parts, thus requiring constant attention. It is, therefore, important for the owner to be alert for any changes observed when operating it or any strange sounds. The main indicators of faults include the following:

Grinding Noise:

This is caused by loose parts, shabby hardware and lack of lubrication.

Door Failing To Open

The problem may emanate from photo eyes, which may be dirty or misaligned.

Broken Springs

The doors usually have one or two springs. If they break or lose tension, they cause serious problems.

Panel Doors

Like the other types of doors, several problems can occur. Panel damages can result in bends or dented doors, thereby failing to function properly. However, we can easily repair these bends or dents without replacing their major parts or components. 

 At times, they only require beating and reshaping of the existing panels. Only in very few serious cases, do we need complete replacements, where the damage is significant. The good news is that our door specialists will make assessments for you.

Garage Roller Door in Perth WA
Repaired Garage Door In Perth

In general, what does Roller Door Repairs Perth offer you?

We are specialists in the following areas:

Therefore, for your garage door repairing and fixing, consult us. We offer you the best service for all models and makes, including automatic and electrical doors. Above this, we offer you user-friendly terms and affordable prices.

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